"Famous Quotes"

"I'm working on some special flights and rooms, I'll get back with you when I find out something"... Hataway

"I just wanted everyone to know that we are hooked up for the ride on July 9 & 10. Paul, Dan, Don and myself have room arrangements so Rick, Richard & Tommy may want to work out a way to share a room somewhere"...... Hataway

"I got the email. I am fully prepared to golf and will, no doubt, play to my 18.6 handicap. I will have a total of $3 (US) to wager. I do not understand the bit about you, Paul and Don have a room and Rick and Tommy and I will have to find a room somewhere. I do not know where "THERE" is so perhaps you could enlighten me while I consider the proper place for your plane ticket. Maybe Tommy or Rick want it".... RCY

Richard...... Sounds like you had the same feeling that I had after reading Hataways e-mail...... "We have our room and screw all the rest of you".... Tom

"After reading some of the e-mails concerning the note I sent out the  other day I am feeling like I must take command and put to rest some of the rumors that some of my crew are expounding. First off, the note from me was an attempt to get our crew started on getting our plans in line (which it did I may add), not to piss anybody off. Secondly, I am not your mothers or secretaries, so I am not responsible for taking care of your every need or concern. Thirdly, must I remind everyone who did get all of us, let me repeat all of us, hooked up on this trip. Please remember that crews come and go according to the CAPTAINS will. Must I say more??? I must also say that I know that a certain service agent in Birmingham, Al is leading this mutiny, but I will not mention names. For the others of you in the group, you have never listened to our service agents so why should you start now??? I can tell you for a fact that this individual likes nothing better than getting a good revolt started"....... Hataway

Admiral Hataway,
"This crew member is looking forward to the trip. Now that your leadership skills are evident by the way you were able to force the crew to properly plan by intentionally pissing half of us off, I will once again return to the Hataway Campaign For President duties I believe to be my most important mission in life (aside from making sure we learn to LISTEN to the service agents in this business). I will be setting up the Campaign HQ from 8:30 AM July 9 to 8:30 AM July 10 and plan to dedicate my entire life during that period time to getting you elected President. Don't forget that I am from Louisiana and so is James Carville (Corporal Q Ball Carville in the current President's Administration). So get ready for the WHite House. At very least, you can expect to be treated like the person you are by this entire crew. I, sir, am back in line and want to publicly thank you for putting me there. Now, it is time for all to share in the information below. You, Admiral Hataway, My Personal Hero, will understand better than the rest of us because Texans have long looked up to those from Bama. You might have to explain some of this to Shirk because he is from the North and I ain't too sure about Swanson's ability to understand."   RCY

"Tom, thanks for your help with a room. Hataway invited us all and then dumped us on the doorstep. He WAS my hero"!  Richard Young

What kind of nonsense is this????   Yes...... Hataway would have made a excellent captain on the "TITANIC"....  Tom

"Oh Yeh!!!!!!   Ferrell has invited all of us out to dinner and drinks Thursday night at Carman-Girards expense. I guess he is feeling a little guilty"!!!!!!  Tom

"I am very sorry that you feel this way. I am crushed that anyone could look upon Ferrell Hataway in this way. We shall pray for you"...... RCY

Hataway, I mean "Mr. Hataway Sir"....
I understand that on your recent submarine trip, the crew of the USS Louisiana gave you a red wig. Being a career Alabamian and somewhat naive, I hate to ask exactly what this designation stands for, but I was thinking that before the seven of us embark on this adventure with you that you may like to explain...
P.S. Thanks from all of us for the invitation to dinner and drinks. Never let it be said that the good ole boys from Carman-Girard are cheap!!!!!!..... Tom

"This is just more of that kind of thing that people say when they are jealous of someone with the character and class exhibited by Ferrell Hataway. We will continue to pray for those saying these things. And we will pray for those that fall into such traps which, I believe, may apply in your case"....... RCY

"As we can all see from the recent e-mails true class does come to the top. Thanks you Richard for showing why you are truly one of the leaders in our industry. Tommy, I think Richard put it best when he said we would pray for you"....... Hataway

Shame on me!!!! Admiral Sir!!!! I think I'll go throw up now!!!!   Tom

"Richard, Are we talking about the same old "Sure the factory will cover it in warranty" Hataway?????? You make me feel like I have accused the Pope"!!!!......  Tom

Tommy, " I am sure that there is a logical explanation. Ferrell Hataway is not the Pope"....... RCY

Tommy, "I cannot thank you enough for sending me these photos! Ferrell Hataway, my personal hero AND choice for the next President of the United States, will forever be in my computer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And you have proven that prayer works"!..... RCY

I've known Richard Young, the man who once said "Speaking southern is an art form. If I ever meet Art, I'll hit him right in the tooth", for nearly 13  years. But, has he ever invited me on a trip? No.

I've only known Mike Velotas, the man who once said "Let's go pump some dumbbells", for a couple of years. I thought his quote alluded to some sick romantic rendezvous. But, has he ever invited me on a trip? No.

I've known Paul Swanson, who once said "Clearly we need to focus on beating the rest of the country, yadda, yadda, yadda" for over 10 years. But, has he ever invited me on a trip? No.

I have known Don Girard, who once said "I believe I know more about that than   anyone" for over 15 years. But, has he ever invited me on a trip? No.

I have known Tom McLeod, who once said "What do you mean Rick doesn't know anything about steamers" longer than any of the others, over 18 years. But, has he ever invited me on a trip, paid or otherwise? No.

But Ferrell, or the Admiral, who once said "Rick, old buddy, if there is ever anything I can do for you, let me know and I will do it faster than even my best friend, Tommy McLeod, responds to service customers", whom I have known for a paltry 15 years invites me to fly aboard an aircraft carrier.  I am amazed at the lack of mutual respect for one of the icons of the industry. Now you people all know that I am the quiet one of the bunch, and  have refrained from making any comment to the myriad of do-do that has been permeating the net concerning my great friend Harold Fataway, but I just had   to write this in his defense. Even thought you have berated him, just because he IS looking out for himself at the cost of the rest of us, I find  no reason to chastise him. If any of you has comments regarding this, please send them to Tommy so that  he can spice them up and forward them to me"........  Father Rick

Father Rick,   "The Admiral would like for me to say, "Thanks. I deserve all of this praise!" on his behalf. However, I am a little nauseated right now so, give me a day or two, this nausea should pass. Don't know where it came from"....   RCY

Father Rick, "Your sermon of this past week was quite inspirational..... But, I too am feeling a little sick to my stomach!!!! You seem to have somewhat of a soft spot in your heart for the Admiral. I can understand you viewing him as an "ICON" since his initial offering of "Anything you ever need, and I'll be there".... What you must understand is that he was offering practically nothing since neither of you knew anything about anything fifteen years ago. It appears to this "outsider" that Don G. is the real ICON and mentor of you both since he is quoted as "knowing more than anyone".... The problem there being.... I know that T. Carman was Don's mentor.. (just ask T).. And that's a scary thought.... Tom

Oh Well!!!! I am sure that after this little "boat trip" we will all know more about each other than any of us will want to admit... Tom

Rick, "Get a real handicap, and I'll think about giving you strokes. More importantly, you don't get strokes, you cause them. I feel one coming on right now. Bring your clubs, you don't need shoes, and if you loose your ball the games over. By the way, how's Monday the 28th look"..... Don G. (Mr. sit back and listen)

Tom,     "I will look forward to a possible early AND late round Thursday. I am refraining from any comment relative to Admiral Hataway's handling of the golf arrangements. He is a Great Man and I do not want to be critical.....but if he goes to screwing up golf arrangements, THAT is serious business"....... RCY

Richard....... "WELL PUT"!!!!!!!...... Tom 

Tommy, I am wondering if the possibility exists for photos from the boat trip
could end up on the web site. If so, that is a scary thought. I may not sleep.

Tommy, the reason you thought of the Admiral is because he such a wise man
the moral of the story reminded you of a wise man. You are Welcome.

Tommy, you have shown so much class already, we really don't need anymore. RCY

Richard, I think with Tommy's help I have shown the preacher all he needs to see.  The Admiral

Tommy, thanks for letting me answer this question for Richard.  Yes we do plan on setting up the web site so our friends and associates can get on line and check out our trip, however I do thing it would be to the  best on interest of everyone on board the ship to not let Mr. McLeod be the last say on what goes on and what doesn't.  One never knows what he will do. If anyone agrees with this maybe we could set up a review team to keep Mr. McLeod in line.  Hataway

Sorry Admiral, You may be the “Captain of the Cruise”, but I am the

“Spider of the Web”, and I have the final say!!!!!! 

I will be on vacation until July 5, 1999 so it will be impossible to get in touch with me. Upon My return I will check with every one to be sure everything is in order. (don't mess up McLeod). If you have not e-mailed me or faxed me your flight plans please do so I can have them upon my    Ferrell

Dear Tom,   I don't respond to drivel.  When and if I see something that should be brought to T Carman's attention,  then and only then will I respond.   Just tell me how many strokes I get on the golf course.   I need to practice.    Don

Don, we were trying to keep this as clean as possible since Hataway's encounter with the preacher....  But, if you are going to start tossing around big words like "drivel" (I had to go look it up), then I can see that this could become very ugly!!!!!  In the future, please e-mail in Southern English that we all can understand, or just keep quiet!!!!  (I know that "T" didn't teach you that word)
So the Admiral is on vacation this week and the "boat trip" next week.....  I need a job like him.... Since CGA will hire practically anyone (ie.... Hataway / Shirk), please give me a shot at your next employment opportunity. I can be just as dufless as either of them.....
Strokes?? You take as many strokes as you think you need. Since Richard has established the bet ($3.00), I can't see where I can go wrong.... Especially since I will be keeping score!!!!!!!
Hope you guys have a great 4th!!!!!!  Seeya next week.....
P.S.       If I think of anything I feel you need to know about, I'll drop you an e-mail.... (trust me)

The golf chairman is not functioning. I am beginning to get disillusioned with
the Admiral.  RCY

Hey Girard..... GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!! I'm sorry I woke you.... There's really no need to comment on e-mails that are 4 - 5 days old!!!!! Gosh! I'll be glad when the Admiral returns...... gtm

Richard, Alas, we hear from the phantom golf chairperson???? He makes all these marvelous plans and no one is going to be there. Reminds me of the flight and condo deal the Admiral was supposed to be working on. What can you expect from a guy that sells shelving for a living? tm

Tommy, you mean to tell me Hataway sells shelving? He told me all he ever talks about is fryers and ranges? I am shocked! RCY

I was actually talking about Swanson...... But now that you mention it.... All that bunch at CGA sells shelving.... The range and fryer sells just fall into their laps.... Shelving is what they really push cuz Metro sends them on a nice trip every year.... tm

I have noticed some animosity among the "Honest Hard Working Service Agent"/"Wealthy Mercedes Driving Rep Group" personnel. It seems to me that anyone knows the service agent saves the factory and rep's butt continually. If I could help you guys work out your problems, let me know. Maybe, the reps could start by sharing a little of that 25% commission they get for taking orders. Just a thought.......................I am only trying to spread a little harmony.  RCY 

Thank you for your letter. Actually, we need more than the standard 25% to pay the kickbacks required to get service within 3 weeks and not be on overtime. I am not being harsh to our overworked servicers, because we all know it is nearly impossible to survive off of the140% markup on parts that they get. Besides, they have no training costs. They just tell their employees to say "Yep. All (fill in the blank) do like that. Just lemons, I guess."  Now, you, Richard, have the real tough job..... Wait......Let me think.....Exactly what do you "Parent Company" pukes do, anyway?  Father Rick

Actually, I was just referring to Girard but, looks like I stirred up Father Rick. Just kidding, room-mate, okay? RCY

Awe shucks. I hope I didn't stir up anything. RCY

I am back from vacation and ready to reassume my duties as "Admiral" of the trip. I must say that I found some of the 30 messages concerning the trip very interesting. It is very good to know that some things can be accomplished without my being on hand to handle them. I hope most of you noticed how easy it is to lose control of Mr. McLeod ( and you thing my job is easy) but not to worry I am back to handle him now. I will get back with all of you sometime this week.....  Your leader

Dear Admiral Sir.... It is great to have you back!!! You can thank me as I kept an eye on everything during your absence.. At one point in time while you were gone, things started to get a little out of control. A couple of your crew members (normally the quiet ones and I hate to be a name dropper.... DG/RS) began talking mutiny!!! A couple of roomies were even at each others throats, temporarily..... But I stopped them cold in their tracks. I reminded them how disappointed you would be!!!!!! Looks like everyone is now in order and awaiting your direction. Hope you had a great vacation.... And I'm glad you're back-in-the-saddle!!!!! Your friend, and SECOND-IN-CHARGE..... tom

P.S. Where are you taking us to dinner Thursday night?

Jeezie Peasie. That is the WORST, most transparent case of sucking up I have ever seen. Exactly what did the Admiral promise you as second in command? I am truly worried, being this close to the trip and it appears that tm has lost his mind. I am very happy that I am rooming with a truthful person that has not been in the sun quite as long as tm.... Father Rick

Rick, Rick, Rick..... Father Rick....... Don't you recognize BS when you see it... Sucking up to The Admiral???? NEVER.... Once we get him on foreign soil.... He's history!!!! If he actually makes it out on the boat, his "FLOATIES" will do him little good.... gtm

What do you mean "sucking up"????? These positions of rank are based on merit. Who else on this trip has bailed your ass out of hot water more than Captain McLeod?? Must I say more.  The Admiral

"Captain McLeod"...... I like it.... Has a nice ring to it.... Admiral Sir!!!!!!  tm

Sorry about that Captain Shirk, I had not read this e-mail before I sent the last message. Seaman McLeod is now at the rank he has earned.   The Admiral

More like Admiral Dufus and Captain Suck-Up. We will be lucky to just survive with all the bs floating around. True manly men like Richard and me will just have to keep making excuses for you two while we are there. But then, America is made up of all kinds. Can't wait.

Seaman Father Rick

The Admiral will buy dinner on the ship? If I did not know him to be an honorable man, I would think he is trying to get out of buying dinner. Surely this is not as it appears. What's all this about not selling shelving? I hope that some sales attempts are made so we can write the whole trip off including dinner. Have we forgotten what our mission in life is? Just to state it, our collective mission is:

Elect Farrell Hataway POTUS-We All must see that this is done.
Sell Welbilt products-I expect Farrell, Rick and Don to take the lead here. I will instruct. 
Sell other products if time allows-We probably will not have time for this but, Swanson, you are responsible.
Repair Welbilt products-McLeod, your chosen field is "grease monkey" so you handle this. Bring your monkey wrenches Win money on the golf course-Free for all except Swanson who is afraid to be around when the games begin.

Now, gang, I hope you got it. Learn it, live it, love it.


The Golf director seems to have come thru. As I told you, I arranged for a tee time at the El Conquistador for a foursome for 2:04 Saturday afternoon. Paul just called me from Puerto Rico and said that he had arranged for us to play the same course on Sunday at 7:48 AM. He said that he got the golf comped and we would only have to pay about $25 for the carts. I told him that we got Saturday for about $50, and he said he would try to get the same deal for Saturday. See y'all tomorrow evening. I am sure the Admiral has us all prepared for a sumptuous meal somewhere exotic. Which, if I know Ferrell, is ribs at the local Hooters....... Father Rick

Thanks Father Rick (but I can call you "Roomie"). Since the golf is comped I might be able to find $4 to wager. I am checking my funds. I am excited! To hell with the boat! Let's play golf! 

"There are only two kinds of boats in the water.... Submarines and Targets" 
Admiral Jay Cohen, US Navy Atlantic Submarine Fleet

Guys: What a fantastic trip. I've been having a difficult time describing the experience to friends .It's hard to find the appropriate words to even remotely come close to conveying what it was like to be there... the size, the smell, the sounds, the scene, the heat, the precision, the power and the people. I'll tell you this I would not mess with the United States Atlantic Fleet!
Thanks for the memories.   Paul

Great trip, guys. I also watched (live) an eagle 2 on No. 10 at El Conquistador. It has been a long time since I saw such golf "prowess" by anyone. Congratulations Mr. McLeod! Photos have been processed. I will be sending to you guys. 

Gentlemen, Fun is fun, but people are the most fun. I had a great time mostly because of the people. The ones we met were great, but the ones I had the pleasure of being with were fantastic.....    Don

I just wanted to let everyone know that this was one of the greatest trips I have ever been on. Thanks to each of you for making it such a great time. Mike, I can't wait to see your video. Maybe we could see about having it professionally edited and sent to a lot of people on the boat and friends?......   Admiral Hataway

I agree 100% with the Rear Admiral. It was truly a fantastic trip. My legs should recover from the ladders in a week or so. There was one person on that boat luckier than any of us, though. It was the SOB with the hammer, lucky that we did not catch him. I think my clothes still smell like J4P from standing behind the jets, but it was definitely cooler than the other side of the pillow. Mike, I think you should take Ferrell's suggestion and have the video professionally edited. Maybe you can get Steven Spielberg to do the editing. Ferrell has no price boundaries as long as it is your money. Or, you might be able to get Ferrell's credit card number from Tom. Again, my thanks to all for a really great trip. Seeya all soon......   Rick

Richard, the eagle means nothing to me now that I'm a BAMF Tailhooker!!!.   Tom