JFK July 4th 2000
NYC Photo's

USS John F. Kennedy 
Somewhere in the Caribbean
"80,000 Tons of Diplomacy"


Flight Crew 7/9/99-7/10/99

Ferrell (I'm in command) Hataway
Don (I owe it all to "T") Girard
Rick (I don't owe nothing) Shirk
Richard (Where'd you find McLeod) Young
Mike (Harley Man) Velotas
Tom (What do you mean I/W) McLeod
Paul (Hole-in-one) Swanson
Dan (I wish I could fly one of those things) Lepley
Cruise Director:  Capt Scott Hults USNR


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Admiral Dufus
"There are only two kinds of boats in the water.... Submarines, and Targets".. Admiral Jay Cohen, US Navy Atlantic Submarine Fleet JFK New York Harbor 1998
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A very big thank you to Captain Scott Hults, USNR, Birmingham, AL  for making this wonderful experience possible. And to all of the dedicated men and women of the USS John F. Kennedy, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.......  
GO NAVY!!!!!!!

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